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 A Few Tips To Make Moving With Kids Easier


A Few Tips to Make Moving With Kids Easier

Martin Millner

Martin Millner is a realtor based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania...

Martin Millner is a realtor based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania...

Jul 31 3 minutes read

Sometimes a move is unavoidable, regardless of how much you or your kids would rather stay in your current home. If your young ones are not looking forward to a change in scenery, here are a few tips to help them make a smoother transition into their new home:

Involve Them
Involving your children in the moving process will not only help them to better understand the move, it will also make them feel as though they are more in control of the situation.  By taking them to open houses they'll become familiar with the neighborhoods you're considering moving to and will have the chance to see first-hand some of the benefits that a new home would offer over your current one. 

Say Goodbye
Moving can be an emotional time for children, and it's important to allow them to face and embrace their feelings.  Hosting a goodbye party will provide closure to an important chapter of their life and creating a memory book will offer comfort on days when they miss your old home.  It is totally normal for there to be some sadness associated with a move, so do not feel guilty if your child is upset but be there for them if they struggle with letting go.

New Beginnings
Although it's okay for your child feel sad about leaving your old home, it will help their transition if you give them something to be excited for, such as a new bedroom.  By allowing your child to help plan and pick out the layout, paint colors, or bedding for their room, you will give them something to look forward to.

No Benchwarmers
When it comes to packing and unpacking, don't let your kids sit on the sidelines as mom and dad do all the work.  By helping you pack and unpack, your children will feel secure knowing that their belongings are all on their way to your new home and will feel more welcome knowing where items have been put when they're unpacked.

Make Friends
Being the new kid on the block can be lonely, which is why it's important to encourage your child to socialize within your new community.  Make an effort to meet the neighbors, enroll them in an extra-curricular activity, and schedule play dates with classmates if they have had to move to a new school.  It can be intimidating for a child to socialize when faced with a whole new environment, but a little extra encouragement can go a long way.

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