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Six steps to your success








Education catered to you

We want to fully understand where you are and where you want to be. Whether this is your first time buying or you've been through the process a million times, we want to provide education catered to where you are in the process. In this step, we'll ask you a lot of questions such as:

- What are you looking for in a house?
- Why are you looking to buy right now?
- How do you envision your life changing once you buy?
- What kind of lifestyle do you want? 

We want to ensure we know enough to help you make an educated, fully informed & well thought out decision. And we'll do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable along the way.


Discuss the Details

We want to set you up for success. First and foremost, we encourage you to have a conversation with a lender to understand what you can afford and compare that to the price range you’re comfortable with. It's important to understand that you'll likely get approved for much more than you'd like to spend, so we want to look in the range where you're comfortable as opposed to the range a lender says you're good for. We'll also take the time to convey some of the most common challenges that may come up to help prepare you and set the right expectations.


Start exploring homes

As soon as you feel comfortable, we’ll begin the process of showing you houses. By now, we'll have a deep understanding of what you're looking for and what it's going to take to meet your criteria for the perfect house at a price point you love. You may look at 3 houses or you may look at 30...It doesn't matter. We'll be there with you until you're completely at ease and in love with the home you see. We'll also take the time to cover the nature of the contract you'll be asked to sign, showing you a sample with key elements that you can expect to see. Why?  Everything is electronic these days, meaning you don’t get to sit across from someone and work through the pages together anymore. I make it a priority to bring the important elements of the agreement to your attention so that you understand exactly what you’re signing and protect you from any/all events that could happen. Being aware will lead to you feeling more comfortable and confident in your decision.


Discover "The One"

Things are getting exciting! This is the part where you'll be so excited and in love with a home, that you're ready to make an offer. We'll spend time talking about the price, comparing it to what's active on the market as well as the values in the neighborhood you're looking to buy in. We'll frame our offer based on the combination of current conditions and your financial strength. Most importantly, it'll be a number that you're happy with.


Negotiate on your behalf

We have the resources, reputation and experience to help you handle anything that comes up. Oftentimes, we find buyers getting caught up in the minutia of the decision and losing sight of the bigger picture.  For example, how would you feel if you lost the house? Will the amount you spend over budget be worth it in the long run? We will build the best possible case for you, help you understand exactly what's happening and ensure we're doing what's best for you and your circumstances.


Close & Celebrate!

CONGRATULATIONS! You've landed your dream home at your dream price. Our job doesn't end there, though. We're here to keep you on track with all the intricacies that follow an accepted offer. Arguably the most important is who you choose for your home inspection. We'll help you choose the right person who will uncover any major issues in order to avoid major future financial challenges. We're here to be a resource after the transaction as well - and we hope you'll take advantage of us! We love helping you.

Ready to take the next step?

We'll take care of everything for you.

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