Sell with confidence



Six steps to your success








Let's meet

The first step is sitting down together to understand your motivation for selling. Are you downsizing? Retiring? Building a new family? We dive deep in order to fully understand your situation. We'll ask questions like:

- How long have you been in the house?
- What do you like about it?
- What do you like about the neighborhood?
- Where are you moving to?
- Why are you selling?
- Are you buying another house? Do you need funds from this house to buy that one?

With a deep understanding behind your reason why and your timeline, we'll be able to serve you better.


Take us on a tour

Once we have a deep understanding of why you're selling, we want to see what you love about your house and experience it for ourselves. We want to assess the conditions and finishes. This step allows us to envision how to position your house in the market and also identify what makes it special to entice prospective buyers.


Decide on a price

A multitude of variables are taken into consideration when pricing your home because we want it to be both competitive and appropriate. We'll present you with a range dependent on your home's updates, renovations and location and the current market conditions while keeping your expectations and goals as a seller top of mind.


Market your home with passion

We bring an element of passion to what we do and our biggest differentiator is the way we'll market your home. We'll make your home look it's absolute best with show-stopping photography, high quality video, and drone footage. In your home's video production, we tell it's story and capture exactly what makes it so special to live in as opposed to a glorified video of your countertops. We launch massive social media campaigns that generate 100s of leads. We have a database full of prospective buyers that we'll email your listing to. We optimize for pay-per-click which allows us to show you the prospects that are coming in and requesting information about your home in real time.



Negotiate & discuss offers

At this point in the process, it's important to set clear expectations. In a situation where you have multiple offers, which is common, we lay out all the pros and cons of each offer for you in a spreadsheet to provide clarity and make the best possible decision for you. We'll work through all the elements of a closing together from inspection to appraisal. We'll keep you informed on your role at this step in the process from contract to closing. 


Close & Celebrate!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your home has officially sold. Our job doesn't end there, though! We're here to be a resource after the transaction as well - and we hope you'll take advantage of us! We love helping you.

Ready to take the next step?

We'll take care of everything for you.

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